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Welcome to my playground!

Hi, there! My name is Shuting. I am a skilled Java developer and now I am experiencing JavaScript and PHP. I would like to share with you my experience and will be very glad if you share with me what you think.

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About Me

Living in New York City for two years, I am still discovering new activities here. As a fan of martial art, I am practicing Tae Kwon Do (a Korean style kick boxing) in the upper west. I just begin to learn violin, all because of Secret Garden, a brand whose songs are so charming played in violin. I am not sure how long will I stay in this city, but I will discover as much as I can while I am here. I believe life is not something to be enjoyed or suffered from. It is something to experience, to feel, and to think about. This website will be the window to present my thought. Maybe no one cares. But one day it will become a treasure.

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